Living the

The Story of American Wanderlove

We are an American travel couple who choose to live a life outside of societal norms in order to pursue our passions. Instead of getting caught up in the "rat race' that many Americans settle into, we are committed to living the adventures of life with love, passion and contribution - no matter how out of the ordinary it may seem.

The story of American Wanderlove began just over a year ago when Leslie and Scotty re-connected through Facebook. Instantly, we had a strong and unique connection that is unexplainable and still thrives in us today. When we first began dating, we lived in different states thousands of miles away from eachtother. We were challenged by this distance between us. So, how did we cause this relationship to grow, thrive and evolve into this adventurous love story? 

Through the Adventures of Life. 

Even though there was thousands of miles between us, our relationship was molded around adventures- adventures in relationships, adventures in discovering ourselves (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually), adventures in our everyday lives and adventures in exploring the world. The adventures of life has allowed us to create an unbreakable foundation in our partnership.

After a few months of long-distance dating, we decided to backpack through six different countries in Southeast Asia for six months! 

One week after graduating, (Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science from Arizona State University) Scotty took a flight out of the comforts of America and into the unknown world of Southeast Asia to travel solo for one-month. While Scotty traveled Laos and Northen Thailand, Leslie had just graduated (Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Northwestern State University) and began the process of selling all of her stuff she owned, moved across the country in America AND finally boarded a plane to Bangkok, Thailand. Little did she know,  Scotty patiently waited for her arrival at the airport where to surpise her as she walked lost through the airport in a chaotic and unknown city. 

Having never lived in the same city, we were about to embark on a five-month journey where we spent more than 160+ days together. This was the ultimate interview for a long-term relationship.

And the result was the best experience of our lives. Both as individuals and as a couple.

We have been through every experience imaginable from being seperated at a train station in Java, Indonesia at 2 a.m. in the morning to being stuck in the middle of a typoon in the Philippines to being seperated while doing a drift dive 60 feet under water and being lost in nearly every single city we have traveled. 

These experiences allowed us to use our communication skills, trust and tested our ability to adapt and grow with one another. The outcome has been the most adventurous and exciting relationship beyond what we both had ever expected. 

While in Vietnam, we bought a motorbike and named it American Wanderlove. We took American Wanderlove on a two-month journey, over 2,500 miles across the entire country of Vietnam. This once in a lifetime experience inspired us to create American Wanderlove that has allowed us to share our adventures and life experiences as a way to empower others to live a life of love, passion and contribution. 
After traveling Southeast Asia for five months - where we hitch hiked in Cambodia and Indonesia, rode a motorbike over 2,500 miles across the country of Vietnam, hiked one of the world's most active volcanoe's in Indonesia, received our Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diving Certifications in Indonesia and the Philippines, visited natural wonders of the world and taught English in Vietnam - we are committed to inspiring others to live the ultimate adventures of life by playing all out. 

This life is the one and only life we have. We believe every human being has the power to create their most grandest vision in life. Together, we stand for the possibility in inspiring  and empowering others to live life on your own terms in the powerful and creative way you design it. Join us on our journey around the world as we choose to live the adventures of life with love, passion and contribution. 

Welcome to the Adventures of American Wanderlove!