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We were voted “Best Home Renovation Contractor by Portland Architect”
Check out the recent press article: The Best Home Renovation Contractors in Portland, Oregon from Portland Architect.

Delve into the world of home renovation pricing with ‘Decoding the Contractor Markup: How WCG Calculates Home Remodeling Prices.’ Presented by Woodland Construction Group, this article offers a transparent look at the Remodel Contractor’s Markup. Learn how this critical pricing factor is more than just an added cost; it encompasses labor, materials, and overhead, all contributing to the overall Gross Profit Margin. The piece meticulously explains Breaking Down the Margin, demonstrating how each aspect of the project cost is carefully analyzed. It’s an insightful read for anyone planning a home remodel, providing a clearer understanding of how pricing is structured and what value it brings to your project. Gain the knowledge to navigate the financial landscape of home remodeling with confidence.

Discovering the latest home design trends is essential for homeowners looking to update their living space in 2024. In this article, we will highlight the top design trends for 2024, as identified by Woodland Construction Group. With their expertise, we will bring all homeowners great insights that will help them stay ahead of the curve and renovate with style.

This article from Woodland Construction Group offers a comprehensive guide on selecting the right contractor for a whole house renovation. It emphasizes the importance of choosing experienced, licensed, and insured remodelers like Woodland Construction Group, known for their expertise in design-build renovations. The article outlines the benefits of integrated design and construction services, highlighting enhanced communication, cost, time savings, quality control, and cohesiveness. It also details the planning process, from initial consultation to final walkthrough, ensuring a smooth, efficient renovation journey. The article concludes by underscoring the transformative impact of a whole house renovation, enhancing both the functionality and value of the home, and emphasizes the importance of choosing a reputable home remodeling company for a successful project outcome.


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